Cork's Popcorn

Created in 2004 by the Cork Family of Statesboro, GA, this popcorn is a staple in the Pecan Row pantry. Choose from 4 different flavors, or grab one of each!

The Original Kettle Corn started it all! They use American grown premium non-GMO popcorn kernels that are oil popped in 100% corn oil for that authentic kettle corn taste. It's a customer favorite!

Old Fashioned Caramel is amazingly sweet with a touch of salt & a light glaze of caramel popped in the kettle.

Simply Salted Popcorn has no cholesterol, trans fat, preservatives, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, or GMOs. Guilt free snacking has never tasted so good!

Snickerdoodle is the newest creation from the Cork Family. It is cooked in a big kettle one batch at a time. It has a light sugar glaze all over and then it is kissed with cinnamon blend, snicker doodle twist, making a truly perfect treat.