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Come Visit Our Newly Renovated Storefront & Christmas Shop!
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Light Up Moon Ball

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  • NEW LIGHT UP MOON BALL Bounce to activate the glowing white moonlight. Moonshine stays lit for 7 seconds after you bounce it. The strobe LED light makes it the perfect nighttime toy to brighten up anyone’s evening! Bounce it inside or outside from sundown to sunrise.
  • ZERO GRAVITY BOUNCE! Engineered to be the highest bouncy ball like its parent - the original Moon Ball. The lightweight Zero Gravity Foam is the bounciest material on earth! Until you bounce it out of this world of course. Say goodbye to small rubber balls and old pink super balls.
  • MAKES SAME POP SOUND EFFECT! Patented design makes the same iconic pop sound when it hits the pavement, making it more addictive and fun to bounce high everywhere there is a hard surface.
  • 100% NON TOXIC! Its high quality and extremely durable. The Waboba Moonshine withstands endless bouncing, sport uses, and indoor & outdoor games. It can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

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