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Betty Confetti Doll

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This Betty doll pairs perfectly with artist Maghon Taylor's popluar hardcover Children's book, Betty Confetti: An Inspirational Story About God at Work. Betty Confetti teaches children (and adults!) the important lesson that God creates beauty from our mistakes. She breaks the myth of perfection and instills in children the foundational truth that even when we mess up, God is still working in our lives, and our stories aren't over. God walks our journeys with us, He knows us the very best, even when we make mistakes, He doesn’t love us any less. So next time you mess up in life, don’t run and hide your face.
This stuffed doll brings this fun children story to life and serves as a fun reminder for kids to turn your messes into confetti and give yourself some grace!

- Measures 17.5" tall x 6" wide

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