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Brittney Moses - Worthy: 50 Mindful Moments to Bring Clarity and Peace to Your Day

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Have you found yourself feeling more anxious and overwhelmed in today’s cultural climate? Has the modern social media world and hustle culture left you on a rollercoaster of feeling insecure and inadequate no matter how much you do? Or do you tend to struggle with people pleasing in order to feel valuable and worthy?

You’re certainly not alone. 

Many of us have been struggling at the intersection of our faith and our mind in today’s world. We are bio-psycho-spiritual beings―body, mind, and soul. It's all interwoven together. If one of these areas feel off the others are soon to follow. So whether you need a total digital detox or just a little more balance, Brittney Moses has gathered the information and inspiration to help you feel a little more refreshed, more clear and more at peace within each day. These 50 faith-inspired devotions are integrated with helpful psychological tips and insights to reset each day with a grounded mind and spirit.

Through a beautiful simplistic design, and short, yet impactful, messages of peace and clarity, along with inspirational quotes and mental health trackers, readers will be able to declutter their minds, check-in with their mental health and focus on how to show up with intention for each day.  

This interactive devotional will help you to:

  • Practice a more grounded, internal sense of security
  • Realign with your values and convictions to show up confidently as your true self
  • Refresh your faith with the hope and peace of God’s word
  • Develop the tools to better cope with anxiety and overwhelm
  • Redefine the necessary boundaries for your overall mental, emotional and spiritual health

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