Cat’s Cradle and 8 Other Fantastic String Games

  • $14.95

The Cat's Cradle: And 8 Other Fantastic String Games features:

  • One extra-long continuous cat’s cradle string, perfect for up to four players
  • Eight classic string games like Cat’s Cradle and Hand Catch, as well as string figures such as Witch’s Broom, Parachute, Jacobs Ladder, and more
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and pictures for every trick, twist, and tie, you’ll be a string wizard in no time

This timeless childhood game provides:

  • Hours of fun entertainment for children ages 6-10 and nostalgia for the young at heart
  • A great boredom buster, fidget trick, or object for restless hands
  • Perfect gift for birthdays or holidays, stocking stuffer at Christmas, or basket filler for Easter