Come Visit Our Newly Renovated Storefront in Downtown Waynesboro, GA!
Come Visit Our Newly Renovated Storefront in Downtown Waynesboro, GA!
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Guardian Angel Bracelet by Ronaldo

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This bracelet represents the idea that guardian angels give comfort, offer guidance and bring people and opportunities into your life.

Ronaldo Jewelry is made with quality materials that will last for years. Most of the bracelets are a mixture of sterling silver and gold-filled wire for a beautiful mixture of metals.

Materials, Care & Cleaning

- The Sterling Silver is designated at .925 meaning it’s mixture is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper).
- Copper makes the sterling silver pliable but also causes it to tarnish without proper care.
- The silver beads used in Ronaldo Jewelry are .925 sterling silver seamless round beads.

- Made with 14/20 gold-filled wire (a percentage of the gold mixture is 14K gold and the other percentages of the makeup are silver and a small amount of copper)
- There is NO plating or gold film added to the exterior. There is gold all the way through the thickness of the wire.
- 14K Gold Artist Wire will last a lifetime!
- The gold beads used in Ronaldo Jewelry are 14K gold filled seamless round beads

- All of our metals are nickel-free!

We use sterling silver in our jewelry which requires a certain amount of care. Sterling silver naturally darkens over time as the surface of the metal oxidizes from contact with air and moisture. There are some measures you can take to prevent unwanted tarnish, and to keep your silver sparkling while gaining a natural patina from being a well worn treasure.

When not in use, store sterling silver out of direct sunlight in an individual plastic bag (possibly with an anti-tarnish strip inside) in a spot with low humidity.

Remember, sterling silver naturally obtains a beautiful patina especially in the creases of a design. With care, your piece can age gracefully while keeping a beautifully shiny surface.


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